JUST IN: 2 Leading Dems Break Rank & Call BS on Hillary — Liberals in SHOCK!

Last week it was revealed that a Clinton-linked lawyer, Marc E. Elias, had used money funneled to him by the DNC and the Hillary 2016 campaign team to pay Fusion GPS for a surreptitiously defined ‘opposition research’ dossier compiled by a British MI6 spy, Christopher Steele. The news may forever sink Hillary Clinton, not to mention landing her, John Podesta and others in jail.

Podesta, former campaign manager for Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, corrupt former head of the DNC, have denied knowing anything about the money going to fund the dossier. Some in the Democrat party, however, know the gig is up and it is time to clean house.

The American Thinker notes that two prominent Democrats have published an op-ed in the New York Times that will have Hillary and her henchmen squirming. Doug Schoen and Andrew Stein composed an article that broke down the reasons why Hillary, Podesta, Schultz and others are lying.

According to the two men “it’s clear that the senior-most officials in the Clinton campaign and the DNC were aware of the dossier. After all, public FEC filings show that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid Perkins Coie a combined $12.4 million.

“With both of us having extensive experience in campaign budgetary decision making, the suggestion that top officials in the Clinton campaign, including Clinton herself, and the DNC weren’t fully aware of the research that their general counsel was commissioning strains credulity.”

Indeed it does, which is why an investigation should be carried out in a efficient and expeditious manner.

“With more than 380 payments from the Clinton campaign and the DNC being made to Perkins Coie,” write Schoen and Stein, “it is seemingly impossible that the candidate herself would not have direct knowledge of the purpose of those payments or any earmarks being made, especially those for Fusion GPS.”

Interestingly, the American Thinker reminds us that President Nixon was finally forced to leave office after members of his own party demanded he step down. Hopefully, Democrats can talk Hillary and her crew into finally cutting ties with the party.

What is your reaction?

Source: http://politicstec.com

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