Morgan Freeman Can’t Hold It Anymore And Totally Destroys Hillary: “Lock That Up”

Not everybody is fooled by the “nice politician” front that Hillary Clinton puts on, especially not Morgan Freeman, who had some harsh words for the politician in an interview with National Geographic while promoting a new docu-series, “The Story of Us”.

“Responding to a question about why he thinks President Trump has not yet fulfilled this particular campaign promise, Freeman laughed and said and looked up at the heavens before saying,

“G-ddamnit man, you were elected for this very reason, lock that b***h up!”

After being accused of political incorrectness, Freeman laughed again, saying “It’s all about being loving and caring these days, isn’t it?“

“The most loving and caring thing we as a society can do for Hillary Clinton is lock her up where she can get professional and institutional help and prevent her hurting herself or anyone else.”

“Hillary should be in jail for her unlawful deeds and President Trump should absolutely, absolutely make sure this happens to send the very strong message that no-one, and I mean no-one, is above the law in the United States of America.”

Well said Morgan Freeman, this is what every Republican has been thinking for years, why is Hillary Clinton seemingly above the law?

We have mountains of evidence at this point showing that she colluded with Russian agents in an effort to make money off the sale of U.S. uranium, but instead, the investigative power of the government is being used to either make up evidence against Trump, or search endlessly for evidence that doesn’t exist.

Morgan Freeman has the right idea, if we increase public pressure, and public knowledge of Hillary’s misdoings, the narrative will shift. It will no longer be about the non-existent collusion between Trump and the Russians, but the very real treason by Hillary Clinton.
source averific

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