Congressional Sex Abusers Just Got Huge Christmas Gift from Peers — This is Infuriating!

The Christmas news dump this year proved to be a big one. The Daily Caller reports that the Senate Office of Compliance used the time when most Americans were traveling or celebrating Christmas to announce that they had laid out $1.5 million in settlements for 13 harassment complaints filed since 1998.

Rules Committee chairman Richard Shelby (R-AL) said in a statement:

“While the Rules Committee has been eager to provide this information in a transparent manner, it has been our priority to protect the victims involved in these settlements from further harm. I am pleased that we have received assurances from Senate Legal Counsel that the release of this data does not violate confidentiality and as such, are able to make it public.”

Right! I am sure the perverts dressed as Senators are really concerned about the confidentiality of their victims.

The Caller notes that the report from the Compliance Office refuses to break down payouts specifically, but did note that they allocated “$600,000 in discrimination and harassment settlements, while other Senate employers paid out over $850,000”, with most cases involving racial discrimination.

Once again, people we elect who are supposed to be answerable to us are doing just that!

Meanwhile, in the House, the “Committee on House Administration recently released data from the Office of Compliance (OOC) showing it paid $342,225.85 in taxpayer funds on settlements for sexual harassment and discrimination charges leveled against House members between fiscal year 2008 and fiscal year 2012,” reports Breitbart.

Feminist liberal Sen Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has emerged to try and calm down those seeking justice through transparency. Her comment that the publishing of the settlements information was “a work in progress, but I think there’s enough of us committed to transparency that we’ll get there”, just proves that the goal of feminism was to make libtard women just strong enough to defend the sexual depravities of libtard men.


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