Franklin Graham Courageously Tells Americans The Truth About Obama & Satan

The honorable Franklin Graham told the truth about the Democrats and their corrupted and unsophisticated way of manipulation with every single American. He compares them with the Devil, of course.

Hillary Clinton was in a rush to use her first speech live on TV after her heavy defeat to talk about how Donald Trump and his ‘fake news’ destroyed her life and her career. She blamed President Trump that he or some people in his team colaborated with overseas hackers who worked against her. That’s so ironic. She still lives in a denial, she still thinks that Donald Trump will be somehow impeached.

However, evangelist Franklin Graham made a powerful post in which he reveals the true face of the liberal elites. You really have to see this:

The mainstream media was posting FAKE NEWS for months but nobody said a word, now Hillary Clinton is rude enough to say that Donald Trump was getting help from fake news websites. That’s so pathetic and stupid.

Hillary Clinton and her team traded illegally classified data on private emails, but the liberals blame Trump for collaboration with Russia without a single piece of evidence. On the other hand, we have tons of evidence against Hillary, but the media ignores this completely. And she talks about FAKE NEWS?! Hillary is such a hypocrite.

Franlkin Graham made a good point anyway. Obama and his deep state are servants of the unclean. The media hit the rock bottom with lies and intrigues.

Share this story and spread his message, every American deserves to know who are the biggest existing liars in the world.

Source> Washington Feed

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