Hollywood SINKS! After Bashing Trump All Summer Middle America Returns The HIT!

Finally, after more than a year of constant assault on President Trump, America, and the American people, Hollywood got what they deserve. They got hit back by the people of Middle America in a way that they’ve never ever have thought of. NFL is nothing in comparison to this.

Hollywood doesn’t know one thing that every American sho know, and that is we all work too much and we deserve to have more for our honest work. So, when we wish to take a little time of our days for entertainment, we wish it to be good, not some liberal propaganda.

Still, Hollywood doesn’t understand that, so they just kept pushing their garbage and finally their ship has started to sink.

The Market Watch reported that after Hollywood kept attacking Trump for the whole summer, the box office has reached an alarmingly low numbers.

One thing is sure, Hollywood sinks and most people involved like Kathy Griffin decided to search their luck in the countries overseas which is a clear sign of Hollywood’s downfall.

Summer ‘hits’ like “Baywatch”, “Snatched”, and the new part of the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” barely made a debut abroad.

Also, Tom Cruise’s “American Made” was all for nothing as well.

Blade Runner 2049 as well. It was supposed to be a blockbuster but it failed awfully not making enough to cover the expenses.

CNN Money reported:

The AMC (AMC) theater chain saw its stock sink more than 25% in August citing slow ticket sales.

Regal Entertainment (RGC) reported to Wall Street that it would miss earnings and saw a huge drop in share price. Imax (IMAX) announced it was cutting almost 15% of its employees.”

WOW! This is actually good! Now Hollywood will learn to respect us, the people for we are the ones that put money in their pockets.

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