Here's what Hurricane Dorian is expected to do as it approaches the US

Hurricane Dorian is crawling across the North Bahamas. It is forecast to continue to lash Grand Bahama as it moves closer to the US.

Here's what to expect from the storm before it makes landfall


Dorian creeps toward Florida's east coast

Moving at a walking pace of 1-4 miles an hour, Dorian continues to lash the North Bahamas with the eye directly over Grand Bahama Monday morning

A storm surge up to 20 feet is likely occurring in the North Bahamas

Hurricane conditions are likely for anyone within 40 miles from the storm's center

Dorian is expected to still be a Category 5 storm the entire time it is over Grand Bahama

The center of the storm will move off the island by mid-afternoon

It continues to rain in the northwestern Bahamas, where up to 12 to 24 inches of rain is expected to fall, with isolated amounts of 30 inches

Tropical-storm-force winds will begin to move into the Florida Peninsula on Monday morning, likely occurring first in the West Palm Beach/Port St. Lucie area

Outer bands from the storm will move through starting Monday morning, but there will also probably be times of sun in between the clouds and showers

The center of Dorian should be just under 100 miles east of West Palm Beach Monday morning

Dorian slowly begins moving northwest and spreading tropical-storm-force winds over more of Florida

By evening, tropical-storm-force winds will be pushing into central Florida

The center of Dorian will be around 60 miles from the Florida coast between West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie Monday evening

Some hurricane-force wind gusts could be possible beginning Monday evening in Florida


Landfall is still a distinct possibility in Florida and residents should monitor the track closely

What is expected -- but not certain -- is that Dorian starts to make its closest pass to Florida and then turns northward and moves parallel to the coastline

Though the official forecast calls for the center of the storm to stay around 40-50 miles offshore, any slight deviation could bring the eye into Florida

Even if it doesn't, hurricane-force winds are likely to be overland on Tuesday along Florida's east coast

Rain should be steady but might not be constant, depending on how close the storm gets

Tropical-storm-force winds will not end on Abaco until at least Tuesday morning and tropical-storm-force winds end on Grand Bahama late Tuesday afternoon


The storm continues to produce hurricane-force winds as it heads north with some more weakening forecast

By Wednesday morning the center of the storm will only have made it up to about the Daytona Beach to Jacksonville area

There is an increasing risk of strong winds and dangerous storm surge along the coasts of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina

Flooding rainfall continues from southern Florida into Georgia

Tropical-storm-force winds arrive in Georgia and then the Carolinas by Wednesday evening

Closest approach to Georgia and not out of the realm of possibility for a landfall


The closest approach to the Carolina coast and the possibility of a landfall

Tropical-storm-force winds continue for the Carolina coast with hurricane-force winds possible

The storm should weaken to a Category 2

Storm surge will likely still be a problem


The storm is near the outer banks of North Carolina and then begins to move away from the shore

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